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After years of being treated conventionally,dr. Soman not only restored my health but my life. I suffer and mean suffer from rheumatoid arthritis,congestive heart failure,diabetes and serious heart issues. In2015 I spent most of my life being rushed to hospitals then 3weeks at a time in rehab. I spent 2016 basically bedridden,home therapy and nurses weekly.,learning to walk and use my hands. I graduated to a walker. I am currently being treated with. Dr. Soman.A true honor and gift. M y energy,flexability and strength have increased ten fold. I honestly never thought I would escape.being an invalid. Along with my tea treatment (as you can imagine I was depressed) I was treated with Verdict Calm. 4 months later I am not only mobile but my love and jest for life has returned. I joyfully now look forward to my continued healing and my relationship with this wonderful healer. Holly hume

I did a 19 day shirodara with Dr. Soman several years ago and it's had a profound and lasting effect on my life. I felt at least 10 years younger in terms of my energy level (I was 45 at the time) and more importantly,  the low level on and off depression and anxiety I'd experienced for many years disappeared.  

More recently, 2016-17, I've taken a tea that has kept my blood pressure in a normal range so I can avoid medication.    

Thank you, Dr. Soman!

Michelle Ray
Los Angeles, CA

I know Dr Soman for more than 20 years and I still fell the same way now as I felt then, every time He sees with a new Health Problem- that I was sent to this especial Doctor by.a DIVINE APPOINTMENT!!! O You Because of my brother's mysterious and sudden death last month in Argentina, I had sleepless notes and stressful days ! Then Dr Soman prescribed "Vedic Calm" capsules taken before bedtime for 2 weeks. As days went by Little by little I started to feel much better and I become the person I was before this Trauma! -Joyful, Serene and able to Psitive again so, choosing remember the good times my brother and I had Growing Up! My Thanks & Blessings again Dr Soman Now & Always !!! Norma S. Molnar
Tampa, florida

Finding inner joy can be challenging at best, in tumultuous times.  My enitre life took a major turn about 2 years ago which resulted in everything changing.  The adjustment that comes when your life gets pulled from underneath you, is more than difficult and as human beings who feel deeply, the adjustment can cause destructive feelings throwing you into chaos and disease if you are not on solid ground.  Thankfully, I had recently been referred to Dr Soman.  He is a true healer.  With his guidance and natural remedies, for the first time in about 5 years, I found my joy once again.  I have just completed my second Sirodhara and my first Navarakizhi to treat my arthritis.  After the very first day that I had treatments back-to-back, the swelling in my knees diminished and the pain in my knees and hip disappeared.  More than that, I felt like the sun had come into my life once more.  I had been told some years ago that surgery for knee replacement was imminent and my only option.  This year had been very difficult because of pain issues interfering with my sleep.  Last night, not only was sleep delicious, it was uninteruppted for 8 hours. What more can I say!  Dr Soman is amazing, Courtney is amazing and Todd is amazing.  What a team!  Thank you all.

Sharon Donahue
St Petersburg, FL

I recently completed my second Sirodhara treatment. I truly believe that Sirodhara is one of the many gifts from God to help bring us back into balance. Coupled with other spiritual practices, it’s an unbeatable combination for renewal. The transformations that occurred in my health, choices, outlook, and demeanor have been nothing less than miraculous.

I am very grateful to Dr. Soman, Alex, Susan, Lisa, and Ruby for their loving, healing support during this process. They are all gifted healers in their own way. Special thanks go to Dr. Soman for his humor and willingness to listen to the inner wisdom of his patients. I am pleased and blessed to call him my doctor.

I intend to do a prescribed third treatment next year, and smile and look forward to the possibilities that await me. Life is good and filled with limitless potential. It all seems to fall into place when we do the work to attain balance.

Treat yourself, your health, and your life to a truly transformative and sacred opportunity. Be sure to complement your treatment with spiritual practices that call to you, and stick with them. Please enjoy each moment for the gift it is meant to be. Take the reigns and steer your life and health in a positive direction, because positive energy is contagious!

The world needs good energy now more than ever. Show up and do your part, as it all begins inside.

Many blessings to all,

Cheryl Healey - August 2004

I want to thank Dr. Soman for taking the time to come to Oregon. His humor, sense of hope, and expertise in Ayurveda has changed my health for the better! After years of mild, low dose antidepressants, I’m now completely off meds and enjoying excellent mental health.

I will never forget the first sip of Dr. Soman’s tea. It tasted like nothing else I’ve ever experienced, and I knew instantly that it was what my body and mind needed. My entire system works much better, and I look forward to continuing with Dr. Soman.

Happy Patient
Eugene, Oregon

Where should I begin expressing my gratitude to Dr. Soman? Using the gentle, noninvasive practices of ayurveda, which he calls “the ancient art of healing,” he has halted the progression of my multiple sclerosis; he has virtually eliminated the excruciating effects of a herniated disk and unbearable back pain; and he has eradicated the severe clinical depression I found myself in after the death of a family member.

Along the way (my husband and I have been seeing him for more than four years), he’s done a few other things. He’s gotten rid of the debilitating pain of various vertebrae and other bones that continually go out of place; he reduced the healing time of a severely sprained ankle (my primary-care physician told me it would take six to eight weeks; with an ayurvedic oil, it took less than a week); he taught me how to eliminate a case of plantar fasciitis in a matter of days; and he’s probably helped me in a dozen more ways that I can’t remember.

I’d like to add that visiting Dr. Soman’s clinic is nothing like going to the office of the doctors we’re used to. You feel as though you’re visiting a friend, not an impersonal medical professional. When he’s not with a patient in a treatment room, likely as not he’ll be sitting in the waiting room with all of us, chatting about a good movie he’s just seen or asking you what you had for lunch.

But above all, Dr. Soman is a healer. His whole life is devoted to curing the pains, physical and emotional, of the patients who put themselves in his hands. One cannot help but feel safe, comfortable, and optimistic with him and his staff (Alex and Suzanne, the two massage therapists who assist him). Perhaps the confidence and peacefulness he engenders in people can be summed up best in the five words he speaks so often to patients who are worried, frightened, and in pain: “Don’t worry; you’ll be fine.”

Judy Wall

It is a true gift to have an authentic Ayurvedic physician here in our area. Many years ago, the chiropractor I was seeing actually referred me to Dr. Soman for my severe back pain. At that time, I was going to the chiropractors office three times per week, but my pain persisted and they admitted that there was nothing else they could do for me. After Dr. Soman administered a poultice treatment, I did not have a recurrence of back pain for twelve years (with no additional visits to a chiropractor or Dr. Soman’s office).

About two years ago, I began to experience new back pain issues that I had not had before. For only the second time in twelve years, Dr. Soman administered the poultice treatment and I feel alive again. This type of treatment has surpassed any of the prescription pain pills, back patches, or heat remedies that I have tried. I refer as many people as I can to Dr. Soman so that they can feel the joy and freedom of being pain free.

Tamara Johnson
St. Petersburg, FL

I had Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome for16 of my 35 years -- 16 years of debilitating fatigue, constant muscle pain, cognitive impairment, autonomic nervous system dysfunction and numerous other problems. Eight years ago I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Every system in my body had been affected by these illnesses, and I felt hopeless and despairing.

I was very ill when I first visited Dr. Soman a year ago. I could hardly eat or walk and my torso was covered with horrid red blotches. Dr. Soman spoke to me gently, read my pulse, and assured me he could help. I had heard that countless times before and had very little hope that things might turn out differently this time. The doctor sent me home with some simple recommendations and herbs for a medicinal tea. Within a week I could eat again. I continued to take the tea and felt gradually better over the next two months.

Finally Dr. Soman said I was strong enough to receive more intensive treatments. Over the next month I received two weeks of Sirodhara for my CFIDS, and seven days of poultice treatments for my fibromyalgic muscles. The treatments were relaxing and pleasant, and Dr. Soman and his staff treated me with warmth and respect. I was hopeful, but found it hard to believe that these treatments would have a profound effect on my health. Dr. Soman said it would take three months to receive the full benefits of the treatment. During that time, I continued to feel better. My mental fog and sense of despair lifted right away; the fatigue took longer. After three months, quite suddenly, I started feeling energetic and well most of the time. I started to dream of getting a job and having a child (both impossible before) and found myself singing while I did the housework! Now, almost a year since my first visit, I feel better than ever. My energy level continues to improve, and I am learning new ways to nurture my emotional and spiritual health. I have made huge progress in my healing journey, and feel hopeful that I can get even better. I thank Dr. Soman for his support, patience, and great sense of humor!. His practice of the art and science of Ayurveda has truly helped restore my health and my life.

Christina Ray

In May 2001, a friend of mine recommended me to Dr. Soman due to a back injury. I don’t know what I would have done without him. He’s truly been a blessing and has been able to help control my pain.

Then in June 2001, I started experiencing problems. One day I could see fine, and the next day I wasn’t able to see very well or to focus and was also experiencing headaches. I mentioned my problem to Dr. Soman. He asked if I wanted him to take my pulse. I agreed and hoped that he could find out what was causing my problem. After he took my pulse, he told me I had a neurological problem and needed to see a neurologist.

I was getting very concerned about my eyesight and decided to make an appointment with an ophthalmologist. The ophthalmologist was unable to find anything wrong with my eyes and told me my problem was due to stress. I knew there was something wrong and decided to call and make an eye appointment with my regular eye doctor. He checked me out thoroughly and couldn’t find anything either. I was barely able to read the top line of the eye chart at this point in time. My regular eye doctor then recommended I see a neuro-opthalmologist.

After I went to see the neuro-opthalmologist, an MRI was ordered. My test results came back and I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The eye problem I was experiencing was one of the signs of MS. I was in total shock and didn’t know what to do. I immediately called Dr. Soman to see if I could come in and see him. When I walked in his office that day Dr. Soman already knew. When he had taken my pulse the prior week, he knew I had a neurological problem and that there was a good chance I had MS. He just wanted me to confirm what he already knew before he said anything to me.

Needless to say, I was totally freaked out. Dr. Soman was fantastic and told me not to worry and that we would beat this. He suggested I have a sirovasti treatment, which is a warm oil treatment on the top of your head. He said we would start with a seven-day treatment and see how I did. I do have to tell you the treatment was very interesting and truly amazing. As I mentioned earlier, I could barely read the top line of the eye chart. After one treatment with Dr. Soman I could read two lines further down the eye chart. It was amazing. After the seven days of treatment, Dr. Soman felt I would benefit more with an additional three days. After the treatment was completed I could read five lines further down on the eye chart. I felt so much better just being around Dr. Soman. He has such a calm and soothing affect on people. He can just touch my hand and just that touch will calm me down. He and his staff were fantastic. I learned so much from him during that 10-day treatment.

I’ve changed my eating habits and have been drinking that wonderful tea that Dr. Soman prescribed. So far I’m doing great and keeping a positive attitude which is very important. I feel confident and believe in Dr. Soman’s abilities. I want to let everybody know that Dr. Soman is truly a gift from God and I don’t know what I would have done without him. He feels we will be able to beat the MS in a three-year treatment and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Thank you again Dr. Soman.

Tampa, FL

Dear Dr. Soman,

About 4 months ago an MD whom I was consulting informed me that I had cirrhosis of the liver. My symptoms being: no energy, and almost complete apathy toward doing anything but sleep. I seemed to be always tired and really had to push myself to continue my job as a volunteer at the Stevens School for Exceptional children. After extensive research, I convinced my MD to look for alternatives to his NO medication treatment for cirrhosis. Also he had diagnosed me as a type II diabetic. This was being treated with mild doses of Glucovance (250 mg daily). Finally, after lot of talk, my MD recommended that I see Dr. Soman Nadhan. I was skeptical, but went to see Dr. Soman. I have been seeing Dr. Soman for about 4 weeks now, and drinking his herbal tea 3 times daily. What a truly wonderful change this has made in my life. I get up even before my alarm goes off, drink my herbal tea, do some exercises and then about 90 minutes later have a good breakfast. Cereal, fresh fruit, etc. Then off to school feeling full of energy. I've lost several pounds (15 ) and even my students comment on how much better I look and how much they enjoy seeing me each day. The only thing I can attribute this almost miraculous change to is Dr. Soman and his herbal tea. Thank you Dr. Soman

Your grateful patient and friend,

Thomas W. Guthrie

I do not know what I would have done without Dr. Soman. After several very stressful situations in my life, I found myself in the hospital with extremely high blood pressure. The hospital gave me medications for blood pressure and cholesterol problems. I was also suffering from extreme fatigue and lethargy; I just could not wait to go to bed and dreaded getting up. The medications made me depressed, bloated, and irritable, and I was told that I would have to be on them for the rest of my life. Finally, Dr. Soman was recommended to me.

His gentle, kind demeanor instantly put me at rest. He gave me his herbal teas, listened patiently to my woes, and after a few months gave me a 7-day treatment. It is now eight months since I started with Dr. Soman. I am totally drug free, sleep at night, have made significant improvements in all aspects of my life, and feel GREAT! I cannot wait to see what the continuing care of Dr. Soman is going to do for me in the coming years. In closing, not only is Dr. Soman a miracle worker, but his office environment and staff make visits something to look forward to.

In Gratitude,

Tommie Grayson Dunedin

I met Dr. Soman back in 1997. I was referred to him by an associate whose health was so poor that he had to be carried into Dr. Soman’s office. After being treated, my associate’s health had improved to the extent that even though he was in his mid 70’s, he walked with the strength and speed of a man much, much younger.

I myself had several serious head injuries that had affected my temperament and thinking to an extreme degree. I would fly into rages and could not control my thought processes. I suffered from depression to the extent I was unable to get out of bed sometimes. I also suffered from Hepatitis and had tried the latest medications – the side effects of which were devastating! My health was very poor, even though I had gone to many doctors and tried medicines of various kinds.

When I first came to see Dr. Soman, I was very weak, sick, and troubled. I have since remained true to all that was ‘prescribed’ for me by the good doctor: namely, the Teas. These teas are ‘recipes’ that are blended for each individual based on what the doctor finds with a pulse examination. For me, curiosity is a key factor, and the need to be educated about what affects the body is something I find important. I need to know why and how. It helps me maintain good habits. Dr. Soman explains his answers clearly and simply. He helps one to understand that he is not just treating an ailment – he is treating one’s mind, body and spirit.

As my body got stronger, I was able to move into the various poultices and other treatments such as my favorite: the Sirodhara! This soothing treatment stimulates healing that begins in the brain, and if the ‘pattern’ of each day’s treatment is followed after the treatment ends, it becomes a lifestyle change! I have had six of these absolutely wonderful treatments, and I recommend them highly.

The Poultice is quite an experience as well. My co-worker accidently bumped into me many weeks after having my Poultice treatment, and she called to the others to “come and feel Deborah’s skin!” They were all amazed at how soft my skin was.

I can say without hesitation that meeting Dr. Soman was a blessing for me. I know without a doubt that if I had not been his patient, I would not have survived. And if I had survived, I would have been in a nursing home or institution for my mental problems. Clearly the quality of my life and health has most assuredly been enhanced and enriched by Dr. Soman Nadhan. I will never forget his kindness, his knowledge and insight, his smile, and most importantly, the healing in his hands.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, sir.

Deborah Ford

This is an up-date to my last testimonial. Fifty years ago I had polio. Walking has always been very painful for me. Last July I started seeing Dr. Soman and taking his tea. The tea relieved the pain and I was able to work. Last Dec. I took the poultice and Sirodhara treatments which Dr. Soman said would do even more to relieve my muscle weakness due to PPS. It now has been 3 months since the treatment... I am thrilled.! I can walk, garden and do normal activities with no pain at all! The tea was wonderful, but the other treatments are amazing. I can remember when I felt so strong-maybe never.

Again, thank you Dr. Soman.

Doris Dix
St. Petersburg, FL

March 20, 2001 I have been a patient of Dr. Soman for six months. I started seeing Dr. Soman in an attempt to find a healthier treatment for fibromyalgia than I had been able to find through modern medicine. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia fifteen years ago. I have tried many of the treatments available, including vitamins, supplements, steroids, and drugs. I have changed my life completely in an attempt to find relief from the pain, depression and fatigue of fibromyalgia. Dr. Soman recommended two treatments, shirodhara and poultice massage. I had eleven treatments of shirodhara and seven of poultice massage. Prior to beginning my treatment I had discontinued all drugs and was drinking the tea made from the herbs Dr. Soman prescribed. I told Dr. Soman that I would do anything he recommended to help myself regain as much health and well being as I could. I followed his instructions and was a determined soul. Shirodhara was an incredible experience for me. As each day went by I could feel the stress and tension leave my body. I became clearer in my mind, more relaxed in my body. My pain level decreased and I began to experience a sense of well being. The effects of the treatment continue for up to three months after completion of the initial treatment course. I have continued to experience deeper and deeper levels of well being. I have actually had days where I felt happy, contented with my life. Although I am not totally pain free, my pain level had diminished to where I no longer need drugs. The poultice massage also worked minor miracles for me. I was extremely deconditioned, having spent the last two years as an invalid. I had difficulty walking any distance and became fatigued easily. I would frequently have to sit down and rest before I could finish a task. Since the poultice treatment I have resumed walking and now walk two miles every day. I also climb stairs as frequently as I can and am able to function much more normally. I can now see the day when I will be able to resume my working life. My next step is to begin Yoga. I would recommend both treatments for anyone with any type of neuromuscular disorder. I know the shirodhara has helped considerably with the underlying depression I have had most of my adult life. I can’t say I feel like a new person. What I feel is that I am becoming the person I was always meant to be, the true me. The poultice massage has helped return my muscles to me as working tools instead of painful reminders of what I can’t do. Each day brings me increased strength. I feel like my life is mine again. I continue to improve. I do think this process takes a commitment of time and energy. The outcome is worth it.


Suzanne E. Jacobs
Valrico, FL

I started seeing Dr. Soman 7 years ago. I have had several auto accidents,and I was being treated by a Chiropractor, but I wasn't getting any relief. Dr. Soman made me feel better on the very first visit. I automatically told everyone I knew about him. Dr. Soman has treated me for other problems,too,such as female problems and stress. He is very compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. I even take my children to be treated by him. I would highly recommend anyone with any type of physical or medical problem to please make an appointment for a consultation. Dr. Soman is an amazing physician and person. I am very thankful that I was fortunate enough to find Dr. Soman!

Amy Ottaviano
Clearwater, FL

I have been struggling with rheumatoid arthritis for 18 years. I have gone through several forms of treatment, all involving strong drugs (methotrexate, sulphasalazine, prednisone, and many others) with terrible side effects. Essentially, the therapy was more destructive to my body than the disease. I was told I would soon be in a wheelchair. Then, I met Dr. Soman. He told me it would not be an overnight process, but that he could help me. And help me he has. Since taking the tea (two years) he prescribed for me, I have taken myself off of all the killer drugs, especially prednisone, which Amari gave me the extra help I needed to get off of. I am now walking 3 miles 3 times a week, and my spiritual life is astounding. I have Dr. Soman to thank for all of this, and for giving me back the will to live. He is also in my prayers daily, as I truly consider him, and his Ayurvedic tradition, a gift from God.

Roy Helms
Clearwater, FL

During 2010, I was involved in two car accidents within two weeks: both times being rear-ended. I was hit so hard the second time that my entire body felt like one giant painful wound. I was left unable to perform my duties at work and had to begin walking with the use of a cane. I walked with it everywhere, and I even tried avoiding places so I wouldn’t be seen. My body and I needed more time to heal and discover the forgotten me. This was the turning point in my life.

I started actively looking for something with substance and proven results. After a recommendation from good friends of mine, I started seeing Dr. Soman in August, 2011. I was very nervous coming in to see him because my trust had been lost in doctors and the entire medical industry. Other doctors just wanted me to take pain pills and muscle relaxers, which made me feel “doped up.” I also tried many things from hypnosis and acupuncture to chiropractors, Reiki, and structural energetic therapy.

Dr. Soman was all about finding the underlying cause of my body not agreeing with me and helping me return balance to my life and health. He first had me drink the tea and use oil drops on the top of my head. He had a very calming influence on me. About a week after being on the tea, I was able to start walking without the aid of a cane. I ended up doing the Sirodhara treatment for eleven days and then the poultice treatment. During the Sirodhara, Dr. Soman also explained that my TMJ was one of the reasons I was unbalanced when I walked, and the cause of much tension in my neck and upper back.

I was not prepared for the great start of the rest of my life. During the Sirodhara, I felt I was experiencing all of my life’s previous moments from birth to the present, and that I was able to glimpse into the future, which seemed like a jigsaw puzzle. The poultice treatment was also very powerful, especially during one session when I broke down from all of the prior emotions being released. The thing that I remember the most was that I had lost my confidence. Before these treatments, I was unable to even get myself up off the floor without the aid of something nearby. But two weeks after the treatments, I was finally able to get myself up and down on my own. This was such an amazing and unforgettable feeling, because I had taken my health for granted in the past.

I highly recommend Dr. Soman! He has been such a blessing in my life. Dr. Soman always believed in me – and my ability. He and his staff were able to help me achieve confidence, which is why I can now say I WALK with my head held high at age 31. Dr. Soman helped me regain my independence, my confidence, and my balance. Now I am able to work again and soon start having children.

Danielle Perilla

Thank you Dr. Soman! As a person with PPS(Post Polio Syndrome) the frustration of having no meaningful treatments available at all through my HMO for the cronic pain had me concerned if I would be able to continue to work . After four visits the pain as greatly decreased (with natural medicine) and my feelings of well being are truly remarkable! I am so thrilled with my progress and so honored to have such a amazing doctor.

Doris Dix
St Petersburg, FL

I have been treated by Dr. Soman for almost a year now. I originally went to him for depression, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. The results have been amazing! I went to every other kind of doctor possible with limited and temporary results. The first treatment was the medicated milk for depression and this was a wonderful and relaxing treatment. It has helped to relieve the depression and I have not had any depression for 8 months now. The Sirodhara treatment of oil on the forehead was for the chronic fatigue and even though it has only been about two weeks, I can tell a difference. I would highly recommend Ayurvedic medicine and treatments for everyone!

Denise Gelinas
St. Petersburg, FL

I'm very happy in receiving Dr. Soman's treatment for a chronic debilitating skin rash, with scales covering most of my body. I've had this type of rash for over 40 years. The only treatment given by other doctors was cortisone injections which I can't take anymore. It made things worse. Dr. Soman's beneficial herbal teas and herbal oils have done wonders for me. I now feel like a new person. Most of the skin rashes are gone. Thank you Dr. Soman with all my heart!

Cynthia Haun
Ft. Myers Beach, FL

Words could never express the gratitude that I have for Dr.Soman. When I first saw Dr. Soman six years ago my health was terrible. I suffered from migranes, anxiety attacks, depression and a rare skin disorder. Today I am free from all of these because of his great healing power! I tried everything that modern medicine could offer and nothing helped. When I first started the Ayurvedic treatments I was extremely skeptical of the effect of herbs. Now I am a firm believer of the power of Ayurvedic medicine. Thank God for Dr. Soman. Dr. Soman saved my life.

Rebecca Moore
St. Petersburg, FL

When I first met Dr. Soman, I couldn’t lift my arms above my head due to frozen shoulder and years of arthritis. I was given an herbal ball treatment and started taking Amari capsules. In a short period of time, the pain went away, and now I can lift my arms again.

Thank you so much.

Pat Gishbaugher

I had serious back problems for a number of years (herniated discs) and was scheduled for major surgery when my wife heard about Dr. Soman. I couldn’t stand up straight and was in constant pain along with having numbness in my feet. I asked the doctor if he wanted to see my MRI’s, but he replied that his fingers were better than any MRI. He ran his fingers down my spine and stopped and said, “That’s it, right there.” He wasn’t wrong. He hit the exact spot. Well, the doctor did what he does best and asked me to get off the table and try bending forward. I couldn’t believe it. I had no pain for the first time in years, and I could straighten up as well as bend forward. If that wasn’t enough, he told me to walk home as proof (I lived about three blocks away from his office.)

Before I went to Dr. Soman, I could take no more than ten steps and I would have to stop to let my back settle down. Since then, I have gone back only a few times, and each time has been a relief. It’s been over a year since having to see him, and I never had to have surgery.

Gary Bush

I went to see Dr. Soman because I was having some pain in my knee. He took care of that, but in the process discovered that I had a rib out of place. What makes this extraordinary is that for two months I had been sleeping with a heating pad on my side, thinking I had pulled a muscle. I never even thought to mention this to the doctor, so when he discovered my rib out of place, I guess my mouth dropped open. He is a fantastic human being. Just sitting and talking with him is so relaxing. What a beautiful soul he has.


Sandi Bush

In 2002, I was diagnosed with DERCUM’s DISEASE: “a rare disorder in which fatty deposits apply pressure to the nerves, resulting in weakness and pain.” I was in a wheelchair and could barely walk. My doctor told me there was no cure for this and all he could do was give me pain pills. The pain was almost unbearable, and the tears seemed constant. I told my doctor I did not want to go out of this world like a zombie. I was going to look for alternative medicine.

I have a prayer I’ve said every day since I heard this from a lady on TV on 9/11/2001: “God will send the right help at the right time from places we don’t even know.” On September 9th, 2002, my daughter and son-in-law’s insurance man was at our home (I am blessed to live with my family) – Soon after he arrived, my daughter could not hold back the tears anymore. I was in the living room in my wheelchair, and I believe that was a breaking point for her. When asked what was wrong, she told him she was losing her mother and there was nothing she could do. With a spark of hope in his voice, he gave her the number of an Ayurvedic doctor that helped his family. Thus, our Dr. Soman! My daughter called the next day, and on 9/11/2002, we had an appointment. I told my daughter before we arrived at Dr. Soman’s office, “I know this doctor is going to help me. Remember my prayer. God sent the insurance man and now I am going to meet Dr. Soman. I just know he is going to help me.”

When we got into the office, Dr. Soman met us at the door. I told him, “I know you are going to help me.” He said, “I know I am!” He took my pulse (he takes your pulse to determine your health challenges) and it was obvious I was filled with tumors. He prescribed special Ayurvedic teas to cook and drink three times a day. He also prescribed another tea to make from red Hibiscus flowers, Ixora flowers and Aloe, and told me to get out of the wheelchair and try a walker.

I went back in a month and he was very pleased. After another pulse reading, he said the tumors were starting to dissolve! He then suggested advancing from a walker to a cane (which I now only use for balance; I’m 91 years young!) When I went back six months later, there was a lady in the waiting room who saw me on my first visit. She asked Dr. Soman if I was the same lady. He came over to me and put his hand on my shoulder and told her, “Yes, this is Peggy – my walking miracle. When she first came here she only had about three months to live.” I did not know I was that sick. I kept taking the teas and rubbing the painful tumors with prescribed Ayurvedic oils until the tumors were gone. It will be ten years in September and I am just fine!

Dr. Soman is a wonderful person and a very, very special doctor. I did get the right help at the right time! This is Peggy, the walking miracle.

Peggy Wood

Over fifteen years ago, I experienced a severe back injury from a car accident. When I reached the point of non-stop chiropractor appointments and no end in sight for relief, a friend referred me to Dr. Soman and his Ayurvedic methods of healing. Thank goodness desperation drove me to search out Dr. Soman. Under his care, I enjoyed many years of normal activity without pain.

Recently, I accidently twisted my back lifting and found myself again with severe back pain. I knew there was only one place to resolve this problem. In just two weeks time, through Dr. Soman’s poultice and Sirodhara treatments, I was back to being pain free and living a normal physical life.

If you are reading this testimonial, you most likely have, or know someone with a medical condition and may be seeking alternative methods of treatment. I am a firm believer in both Dr. Soman and Ayurveda and do not know what life would have been like for me and my family (who have also been under his care for years) if we had not met him.

It is equally important for me to share with you the environment at the Ayurvedic Health Center. Dr. Soman (with his extensive medical background in Ayurveda) and his staff unconditionally treat all patients with dignity, warmth, and sincerity at all times, making the healing process much more pleasant. This is not a place where patients go to a window and wait for a receptionist to open it and acknowledge your presence. Here you are greeted by a staff with warmth and kindness who understand your levels of pain. You will often find Dr. Soman visiting with patients in the waiting area or in his office in a cheerful and sincere manner. Personally, I can’t help but to give him a big hug upon each visit.

I offer my sincere gratitude to Dr. Soman and his staff for their support in my well being and on going health over the years. Placing my health, and my family’s health, in the hands of Dr. Soman and his staff is a decision we will never ever regret.

Ruthann Jones
Tampa, FL

YES! Thanks God for Dr. Soman! I started his Ayurvedic Treatments 7 years ago, as I had then, "Fibromyalgia". Later I was diagnosed with "Lupus". He treated me with Ayurvedic herbal teas, external application of essentials oils from India, treatments of "Sirodhara" and hydro-aroma therapies. My last laboratory results were NEGATIVE for "Lupus" so as of today I am "Lupus free" patient. I also attended several of his lectures on the Principles of Ayurvedics, and I knew then as I Know now, that I was sent to see this especial Dr. by Divine appointment.

Norma S. Molnar
St. Petersburg, FL

My testimonial for the good Dr. Soman is simple...I am pain free, able to function completely without heavy medication, electronic stimulator units and steroids, even though just a few weeks before I was virtually bed ridden, having been told the ONLY ANSWER was surgery, which included the possibility of paralysis. I consulted several general practioners and surgeons for the excrutiating pain from upper back disc herniations as revealed in a MRI. The pain caused such stress that I had become bed ridden and after two months of treatment with pain killers and cortisteroids, I resumed limited activities but I was in a virtual medicated fog. My physical condition was just awful and my mental condition was stressed that even simple issues became mountains. I was told of Dr. Soman and after just one visit I experienced a slight reduction in pain and after the third visit I was walking without pain. I then began a two week schedule of intense theraputic treatments with ! improvement daily. I am able to live each day now PAIN FREE without ANY PAIN KILLERS, not only do I feel better...I am better. I have resumed my activities, Thank you Dr. Soman for giving me back my life.

Steve McConihay
Clearwater, FL

I am a cancer survivor. I was exposed to Ayurvedic medicine through Dr. Soman after a car accident. After the initial consultation with Dr. Soman, which included a pulse diagnosis, he explained the benefit of Ayurvedic treatment which is not just to cure the problem but the importance of prevention. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic depression and shoulder problems. I was also taking many medications for pain as well as anti-depressants. I was always interested in alternative therapies so I decided to start the suggested Ayurvedic treatment. I had the Sirodhara and Pizhichil (whole body oil treatment), along with herbal tea. After the treatments I stopped the anti-depressants and the regular use of heavy medications. I can say that I am back to normal now and I was able to avoid a surgery on my shoulder. My orthopedic surgeon was happy and he encouraged me to continue the treatment. I thank Dr. Soman and Ayurvedic medicine. I would recommend Dr. Soma! n to everyone! Dr. Soman is always in my prayers.

Holly Humes
Largo, FL

Dr. Soman, Todd and Deb are true lifesavers. I have been a Nurse for 13 1/2 years, I broke my leg and ankle, and due to poor health care almost lost my leg and my life. I couldn't take anymore pain, and I couldn't move. When Dr. Soman met me I was in a wheelchair, crying daily and already had my last will and testament complete. After spending several weeks with what became my saviors, I started feeling better, I am now completely off all depression medications, walking and able to drive my car again. None can believe the change, but I can. I still drink my tea 3x daily, and if I forget just once I can immediately tell the difference in my energy level and the way I feel. There is nothing that I could say or do to thank these wonderful people for what they have done and continue to do. I am just grateful that they are there for anyone who needs help. Thank you Dr. Soman...

Like I already told you, you already have a seat in heaven. :)



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